Application and Contract

By submitting your application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our contract should an adoption result. 

Adoption Contract 

IN CONSIDERATION of the payment of $ _____  the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged Adopter does hereby release, discharge and hold harmless Reno Ranch Rescue, hereafter “RRR“, and any other person, firm or corporation charged or chargeable with liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action belonging to the said Adopter(s) arising out of any act or occurrence from the present time, and particularly on account of the adoption of:_______________. The Adopter hereby declares that no representations about the nature of said dog or any representations regarding the nature and extent of legal liability of financial responsibility have induced the Adopter to make this Release and Indemnity Agreement. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby further agrees to abide by the “Terms of Release” listed below: THE RESCUE DOG must not be sold or given away, but returned to Reno Ranch Rescue if for any reason the adoption is unsatisfactory for the adopting family. Reno Ranch Rescue reserves the right to take back any Rescue dog that is being neglected or not properly cared for. All adoption fees are forfeited and become a donation to the rescue unless otherwise noted here. THE ADOPTER shall treat the Dog as a household pet, companion and family member. The dog will be allowed to sleep indoors and protected from inclement or adverse conditions and shall not be housed or kept in a yard or chained. The dog will not be allowed to run free or to be left tied up outside. The dog may not be crated on a regular basis. The adopting family agrees to provide adequate shelter, food, all necessary medical and grooming care. Failure to do so will require that the dog be surrendered to Reno Ranch. HEALTH CARE – We require that you follow a regular inoculation program as established by your veterinarian. Your dog will need yearly boosters for Distemper, Parvo, Kennel Cough and Rabies booster as required by your state law. Your dog MUST have an annual test for heartworm and your veterinarian will recommend a heartworm preventative program for your dog. RESPONSIBILITY – The Adopter understands that RRR cannot be responsible for the behavior of this dog after adoption and the Adopter accepts full legal, custodial and financial responsibility for the dogs actions. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS – RRR reserves the right to follow through on this adoption in order to protect the welfare of the dog. If the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are not upheld by the Adopter, and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to RRR by said Adopter, RRR reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and RRR may reclaim the dog immediately, without notice, from the Adopter’s home or premises. The ADOPTER agrees not to sue Reno Ranch Rescue for any reason about, during or after the adoption of this rescued DOG. ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTS – Should it become necessary for RRR to take legal action to recover an adopted dog or otherwise enforce the provisions of this Agreement, the Undersigned Adopter agrees to pay all court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. The place of venue shall be Clay County, MO. THE UNDERSIGNED understands that the parties hereby released admit no liability of any sort by reason of the said adoption and that said payment (if any) is made to terminate further controversy respecting any and all claims for damages that said Adopter has heretofore asserted or might personally or through personal representatives hereafter assert because of said adoption. Dogs do not leave Reno Ranch until they have been released for adoption by our veterinarian, however, neither they, nor we, can guarantee the health of any animal. Many illnesses or conditions are not detectable until symptoms occur. This includes but is not limited to Distemper, Parvo, and Kennel Cough. Reno Ranch will try to offer assistance through our veterinarian, IF WE ARE FINANCIALLY ABLE TO, but we offer no guarantee and we will not be held financially responsible for treatment or other expenses. As the Adopter, I understand that Reno Ranch cannot guarantee the health, temperament or training of the above-described animal, and hereby release Reno Ranch and its affiliates from any financial claim, cause of action or liability for any illness, injury or damage to persons or property once the animal is in my possession. I understand as the Adopter, that I agree to pay all attorneys’ fees and court costs incurred by Reno Ranch Rescue in enforcement of this agreement. I have read and received a copy of, and hereby agree to abide by, ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Agreement.

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