Visiting the Ranch

Boots and jeans ...

Reno Ranch is a private residence which doubles as a licensed, non-profit outdoor animal shelter.

It's important to remember that our top priority is for the dogs' safety and comfort. While we welcome visitors in certain situations we make no claims to provide a safe or even appropriate environment for people. Children and seniors especially may be at high risk for slips and falls, exposure to unpleasant weather conditions, insect or even snake bites or any number of other situations typically associated with a natural wooded environment.

Our dogs are, for the most part, free range so it's likely that you'll get jumped on and licked. Give me a heads up when you're coming and I'll fence up the really obnoxious ones and the runners, both for your comfort and for their safety.Ā 

We don't really have any specific handicapped access but if we can make special arrangements that will make your visit more pleasant for you let us know and we'll try our best.Ā 

We do not have public restrooms at this time.Ā 

We're generally open weekends from Noon - 5 and we are available almost any time by appointment.

Thank you for thinking of others and wearing a mask.Ā